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7 Print Ideas for a Spectacular Halloween Decoration

We’re almost there already! With just one week left for Halloween, it’s high time you got your haunted house decorations in place. If you feel like you’re running out of ideas, this is the perfect article for you. And not just that. Very often we see great ideas on Pinterest that we don’t know how to execute. For example, how to get that perfect finish on your cake toppers or your DIY “BEWARE” signs?

The trick is to get some stuff printed. If you don’t have enough time (or talent) to paint perfectly, printing is a great option. However, printing conveniently is often a huge problem for those who don’t have access to a PC. Also, you do most of your browsing on your mobile, don’t you? Wouldn’t it be great if you could print directly what you saw while scrolling through Pinterest? Well, that’s exactly what Mopria Print Service allows you to do. It’s a printing app for android that brings your ideas to paper as soon as you think of them.

This is especially great for digital artists who draw on their android tabs. No longer do you have to transfer your artwork to your PC to print them. You can do it directly from your mobile.

Anyway, let’s get back to Halloween ideas. Here’s a list of things that you can print to make your haunted house the most talked-about spectacle on your block.

7 Print Ideas for a Spectacular Halloween Decoration:

Party Favors

Though party favors might seem optional, you’re bound to give your guests something spooky and specifically Halloweenish to make them remember your great party. Halloween-themed hang tags are one of the simplest yet most creative options that you can come up with. The best part is, with a handy printing app from android, you can make your hang tags say whatever you want them to! Customize them whichever way you want. You can even get cake toppers and stickers printed for your Halloween dessert section.

Bottle Labels

This is a pretty novel idea that recent Pinterest creators have come up with. To try this out, what you need are empty glass bottles. These can be as large as empty liquor bottles or small vials. The aim is to make them seem like spooky potions required for witchcraft or vintage containers for Halloween-themed drinks. For example, if you are having a Harry Potter-themed party, you can offer your guests butterbeer and firewhiskey or little bottles of Felix Felicis to help them have a rather fortunate evening. Now, the drinks can be modified versions of actual liquors, cocktails, or fruit punches, but the important part is to make the bottles look interesting. Customized bottled labels are something that you can easily get printed. For a more realistic touch, get the prints on roll-on labels.

Event Tickets

You cannot possibly have a Halloween party without Halloween games, right? Be it the traditional ones like apple bobbing or a modern ones like a Halloween-themed fashion show, you need to let your guests know the timing and the details beforehand. The more professional your event tickets are, the more your guests will look forward to your event. With a printing app for android, you can easily get great-looking event tickets in no time!

Yard Signs

How to let your neighbors know that the best party on the street is going on at your house? Or, better yet, how to let the trick-or-treaters know that your haunted house shouldn’t be missed out on? You need the best yard signs on your block. Though hand-painted ones do have their charm, if you are going for an old museum or a forgotten inn feel, do print out your direction and welcome signs.

Indoor Signs

The easiest way to give your house a Halloween feel is by setting up indoor signs. Now, you can of course download a bunch of pre-made signs, but it’s way more exciting to come up with spooky messages of your own. Imagine this- filling your house up with little, seemingly subliminal messages that keep saying “Wake Up.”

Advertise Special Services

This one is for businesses. You can stand to make a lot of money during Halloween if you manage to follow the theme well. Yes, you may follow all of the ideas above, but a rather special one is advertising special Halloween services separately. For example, you can have a separate cupcake table where people can customize their spooky cupcakes with toppings of their choice. For this, just have printed ads that inform the customers that you have these special services available.

Halloween-Themed Menus

If you are a restaurant that is trying to get some extra revenue during Halloween, you need to have special Halloween-themed menus printed. Of course, you won’t be serving something completely new, but it needs to look new and, more importantly, have a new name. So, risk swapping out your hamburgers and french fries with fried beetles and frog brains for a weekend and look at the profits rolling in.

In Conclusion

The above ideas will prove to be incredibly more executable if you have a printing app for android handy. And remember, these apps are usually compatible with a lot of other operating systems too.

Wish you all a very creative and spooky Halloween!