Applications for an Ambivalue Eyetech Particle Analyzer

Applications for an Ambivalue Eyetech Particle Analyzer

The Ambivalue Eyetech particle analyzer makes use of laser and online video technologies to review the measurement and distribution of particles in the dimensions variety of 100 Nanos to 3600 microns, and the movie technologies enables the sample to be viewed without the need of the sizing analyzer appearing as a black box. This tends to make the measurement, condition, and dispersion pattern of a sample straightforward to see. With its little footprint and exceptional mixture of systems, Ambivalue’s Eyetech analyzer is one particular of the most well-liked particle measuring systems for the adhering to sorts of analysis, between other folks.

Cement Investigation – Cement is the most commonly applied construction material, and its regularity determines how it will glimpse immediately after it sets, how substantially drinking water is essential to put together it, and how it will use. Utilizing cement that has the completely wrong consistency can induce significant financial losses for homeowners and construction businesses.

Ceramics Assessment – Ceramics are valued for their eye-catching surface and durability – two traits that are accomplished when ceramic powder has the appropriate particle distribution. The consistency of ceramic powder decides the time and temperature essential to deliver ceramics to whole density for the duration of sintering. Particle sizing assessment can help establish the expense of creating ceramics and how they dress in.

Soil Examination – The measurement of soil particles has an effect on the development of crops and other vegetation. It can also impact no matter whether an spot is able of sustaining certain forms of structures. With its twin online video and laser know-how, the Ambivalue Eyetech particle analyzer is one particular of the greatest particle measuring units for soil samples.

Food items Analysis– The texture of meals and the way they dissolve in the mouth affects the culinary working experience. When easy, silky foods these kinds of as chocolate have a tough or gritty regularity, they are unsuccessful to satisfy consumers and lead to the producer to lose cash. Effectively done particle assessment will preserve this from going on.

Coatings Evaluation– The end of coatings is established by the sizing and distribution of particles they contain. Some coatings this sort of as paint are meant to have a clean end, when other people this kind of as stucco are supposed to have a tough finish. The right way analyzing the measurement of particles in coating solutions assures the goods provide the right end.

Pharmaceutical Evaluation– Particle sizing is specially vital for medications that are taken in pill form. When the composition of pills is far too dense or too scattered, they fail to dissolve as anticipated. Speedy performing drugs can dissolve far too slowly and gradually, and timed-launch medicines can dissolve way too rapid, either of which could immediately and radically reduce its usefulness or even cause a well being emergency.


The Ambivalue Eyetech particle analyzer assesses the sizing and form distribution of particles by using a exceptional blend of video and laser technologies. With these systems, the analyzer produces correct assessments of particles in the sizing variety of 100 Nanos to 3600 microns. In addition to the varieties of analyses higher than, the machine is also made use of for fiber, gas, chemical, water, toner, flocculation, grinder, and gasoline analyses.

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