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The Want To Use Computer system and Web Technologies A lot more Productively In African Societies

Africans Require To Open up Up To Technologies

Way too many moments I see individuals in 21st century African societies clinging to aged techniques of performing matters – pretty much as if afraid of the new and in some cases radically diverse Different strategies now made attainable by advancements in technological know-how.

A perfect illustration of this is commonly observed in the prevailing perspective toward the use of Pc/Web know-how. I have travelled to a range of African states and cities in my have place, Nigeria. The challenge persists: Individuals have a seeming aversion for putting these highly effective and charge-efficient applications to successful use.

You should not get me erroneous. We are making use of these resources. BUT it is what we use them for most periods, that I quarrel with. Neglect the 419 Yahoo! mail rip-off artists. Theirs is a fallout of THIS. Information Engineering is for a Imagining society’s use in producing and establishing worth including methods that profit other people. What I see is that many of us just enjoy to obtain, individual and Demonstrate OFF our IT resources, as an alternative of exploiting them to transfer to the subsequent amount.

Big majorities of our people continue being in awe of Net technology, alternatively than seeing it as the best leveler of all situations, that Currently tends to make it attainable for any willing particular person from any element of the entire world to exert a felt impact on people today and spots around the world, with no bodily obtaining there!

Why Will not Our Universities Use Laptop/Net Technological know-how Perfectly?

Why for instance is it that we do not have a proliferation of educational institutions applying the World wide web to cheaply move on information to their learners in a way that will enable the latter to fork out Much less tuition – if at all any?

No, I do not accept that what faculties and some universities are now performing by acquiring personal computer centers equates to what I am describing in this article. What I am following is the Energetic use of the Computer and Internet know-how as a implies of much more correctly delivering expertise to learners within and past the local natural environment.

THAT is NOT taking place in our institutions presently. Yes, they conduct laptop or computer and Internet appreciation classes, BUT that’s where by it ends. There is little or no work put into applying these tools to Build and INNOVATE. That’s why our instructional establishments are unable to boast of getting web page (if they have a world wide web internet site that is!) people that appear on a regular basis to search and download beneficial learning materials formulated by their Possess academics/pupils or lecturers/students.

Quite a few times it is the associates of OUR institutions that go on the internet to websites of OTHER institutions in designed societies to lookup for and down load information and facts about our have societies! Even if they ended up to be patriotic and tried using to locate net web-sites operate by Africans residing in Africa, their probabilities of acquiring the exact (and up to day) information and facts they want would be slim.

Africans In Diaspora Use The Net Superior – & A lot more

Usually, when we do have Africans protecting fairly up to date world wide web web sites, a minor checking soon reveals the website is run by Africans primarily based in produced societies. Nevertheless, the truth of the matter is that it is NOT that our area atmosphere helps make it tricky to use Computer system/Online technology this way. My private encounters validate this.

It is just a matter of some variety of mental “barrier” or restrict we have imposed on ourselves and which needs to be damaged as a result of by every single of us if we are to stand any chance at all of using benefit of these instruments to boost the life of our people today.

SOME EXCEPTIONS: By the way, there are exceptions to this basic difficulty in Africa that I complain about right here. If you check out visiting world-wide-web web-sites taken care of by universities in African countries like South Africa, Egypt, and a number of other people, you will just about believe they are not based mostly right here.

ANY Unique Can Use The Internet Profitably

As a self-used man or woman in a society where the income/marketing and advertising charges can be fairly significant and erratic, I have correctly proven and taken care of a noticeably large profile world wide web presence in line with my enterprise eyesight.

My email subscriber database has developed as additional men and women request some no cost gives furnished in my posts. Be aware that they do this of their have cost-free will and that implies they not only uncovered my post fascinating more than enough to be practical, but they ended up also impressed ample to go 1 phase even further to ask for copies of extra information that I supplied in the overall body of my writings.

If I can do the foregoing, with the restricted means I have, then ANY African personal or organisation can accomplish similar, if not far better, results.

It Actually Expenditures Extremely Very Tiny To Maintain A Website site

And to imagine that it can cost significantly less than $50 naira equal to pay out for domain name registration and internet hosting for a simple internet site. Insert to this the simple fact that various net internet site design and style applications now allow even a newbie develop and manage a first rate website site presence. A person miracles then what lots of of us are waiting around for?

How to Add Page Numbers to PDFs in a Few Simple Steps with an Online Tool

Are you tired of scrolling through page after page in your PDF document, searching for a specific piece of information? Want to make navigation easier and quicker? Adding page numbers to your PDF documents is the solution. It can help you keep track of the pages, making it easier to find specific information and navigate through the document.

Here, we’ll show you how to add page numbers to PDFs using an online tool in just a few simple steps. This method is suitable for both personal and professional use and is a quick, easy, and affordable solution.

Step 1: Choose the Right Online Tool

The first step in adding page numbers to your PDF documents is to choose the right online tool. There are many online tools available that can help you add page numbers to your PDF documents, but not all of them are created equal. When choosing an online tool, you should consider factors such as ease of use, cost, security, and compatibility with your device.

We recommend using a trusted online tool, such as FacePDF, which offers a user-friendly interface, advanced security features, and compatibility with all devices and operating systems.

Step 2: Upload Your PDF Document

Once you have chosen the right online tool, the next step is to upload your PDF document. To do this, simply click the “Upload PDF” button and select the PDF document you want to add page numbers to.

Step 3: Add Page Numbers to Your PDF Document

Now that your PDF document is uploaded, it’s time to add page numbers. To do this, simply click the “Add Page Numbers” button. The online tool will then automatically add page numbers to your PDF document.

Step 4: Customize the Page Numbers

The next step is to customize the page numbers to meet your specific needs. This may include changing the font, size, color, and position of the page numbers. Most online tools, such as SmallPDF, offer a wide range of customization options to help you create the perfect look for your PDF document.

Step 5: Download Your PDF Document

The final step is to download your PDF document with the added page numbers. To do this, simply click the “Download” button and select the desired format for your PDF document.


Adding page numbers to PDFs is a quick and easy process, especially when using an online tool. With just a few simple steps, you can make navigation easier and quicker, and keep track of your pages with ease. Whether you’re using a personal or professional document, adding page numbers can help you stay organized and efficient.

Enterprise DevSecOps


DevSecOps is an increasingly popular approach to software development that emphasizes collaboration between development, security, and operations teams in order to ensure the security of applications throughout the entire software development lifecycle.

In this post, we will explore what DevSecOps is and how it can benefit enterprises. We will also discuss the challenges of implementing DevSecOps and strategies for overcoming them. Finally, we will look at some best practices for enterprise DevSecOps and some tools to consider.

By the end of this post, you should have a better understanding of how DevSecOps can help your organization develop secure applications faster and more efficiently.

DevSecOps Overview

DevSecOps is a term derived from DevOps, which refers to the combination of software development and IT operations. The goal of this concept is to reduce system development lifecycles and deliver high-quality software quickly. It includes aspects of agile methodology, which involves breaking up projects into smaller stages for better collaboration and improvement.

DevSecOps adds to this by ensuring that Information Security is considered, and necessary controls are put in place to mitigate risk. The advantages of DevSecOps are similar to those of DevOps, such as the ability to deliver customer value quickly while managing risk. In short, DevSecOps is an extension of DevOps which focuses on security.

Benefits of DevSecOps for Enterprises

By leveraging DevSecOps, enterprises can implement automated security monitoring and testing throughout the application development life cycle. This helps to identify any potential security issues early on, allowing them to be addressed before they have a chance to become larger problems. Additionally, it helps ensure that applications are released with fewer security flaws, saving time and money in the long run.

DevSecOps also helps to simplify processes, reduce manual workloads, and enable teams to focus on delivering quality applications faster. This can be achieved through the use of DevSecOps tools such as static code analysis, open-source software scanning and incident response automation. Finally, DevSecOps enables organizations to have greater control over their applications, allowing them to address issues quickly and effectively.

In summary, DevSecOps provides enterprises with a wide range of benefits including improved collaboration between teams, faster application development times, reduced costs associated with security and greater control over their applications. It is an essential tool for modern organizations looking to stay ahead in the digital world.

Common DevSecOps Myths & Misconceptions.

DevOps, and more specifically DevSecOps, is not a one-size-fits-all solution and there are a number of DevOps myths and misconceptions about what it is and how it works. This includes:

  • DevSecOps is only for start-ups: False. DevOps & DevSecOps is for any organization looking to leverage the benefits of automation and collaboration to improve their software delivery process.
  • DevSecOps is only about tools: False. While DevSecOps does use tools to increase efficiency, at its core, it is a culture and process that is built around collaboration, automation and feedback.
  • DevSecOps is only a deployment tool: False. DevSecOps is an approach to software development, and security, that encourages collaboration between developers, operations and other IT teams throughout the lifecycle of the development process. It is not just a deployment tool.
  • DevOps is a replacement for Agile: False. While DevOps, including DevSecOps, and Agile share some similarities, they are not interchangeable. DevSecOps is an approach to software development, and security, that embraces collaboration and automation, while Agile is a set of methodologies used to manage software development projects.
  • DevSecOps requires a massive investment: False. While DevSecOps does require an investment of time and resources, it does not require a massive investment. There are a number of open-source tools and platforms available that can be used to implement DevSecOps without a large financial commitment.

Challenges of Implementing DevSecOps

Implementing DevSecOps services and solutions can be challenging for enterprises, as it requires a shift in mindset and culture. It also requires the integration of security into the development process, which can be difficult to achieve. Additionally, there may be resistance from teams who are used to working in silos and may not be comfortable with the idea of sharing responsibility for security. Finally, there is a lack of resources and tools available to help enterprises implement DevSecOps.

Strategies for Overcoming Challenges

In order to overcome the challenges of implementing DevSecOps, enterprises should focus on creating a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility. They should also invest in training and education for teams, as well as tools and resources to help them implement DevSecOps. Additionally, they should ensure that security is built into the development process from the beginning, rather than being an afterthought. Finally, they should focus on automating security processes wherever possible.

Best Practices for Enterprise DevSecOps

Some best practices for enterprise DevSecOps include:

  • Governance Tools to capture & observe the big picture of your IT Environments and Platforms. Tip! You need to map your landscape before you can form a strategy.
  • Automating security processes wherever possible
  • Integrating security into the development process from the beginning
  • DataOps to ensure Data & Risk Literacy.
  • Creating a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility
  • Investing in training and education for teams
  • Utilizing tools and resources to help implement DevSecOps


Top Insights for DevSecOps

Some of the top insights, or metrics, for DevSecOps include:

1. Time to Detection: How quickly can security issues be identified in the development process?

2. Mean Time to Resolution: How quickly can security issues be mitigated after detection?

3. Security Coverage: How much of the codebase is covered by automated security checks?

4. Security Compliance: How well are security standards being met?

5. Security Policy Enforcement: How well are security policies enforced?

6. Vulnerability Scanning: How often are systems and applications scanned for security issues?

7. Security Testing: How often are systems and applications tested for security issues?

8. Platform Coverage: How many platforms are covered by DevSecOps?

DevSecOps Tools to Consider

• Enov8 Environment Manager & Release Manager: Enov8’s Environment Manager & Release Manager is an Environment Governance tool that helps enterprises better model, control & automate the management of their applications. The integrated platforms, Environments and Release, provide visibility into the entire application lifecycle, from development to production, and also helps to ensure that security is built into the release management process and promote the implementation of DevSecOps “capable” Environments & DevSecOps Insights.

• Ansible: Ansible is an ideal tool to embrace DevSecOps – the practice of integrating security processes and tools into the software development lifecycle. By using Ansible, organizations can automate the provisioning and configuration of their infrastructure, allowing teams to focus on developing secure applications without compromising speed or agility. This automated approach ensures that configurations are always up to date and compliant with security policies, reducing the risk of system vulnerabilities. Additionally, Ansible’s low learning curve makes it easily accessible to developers who are not security experts – allowing teams to quickly benefit from its capabilities while remaining secure. With Ansible’s DevSecOps-focused automation, organizations can ensure their infrastructure is always secure and compliant, enabling teams to deliver reliable applications faster.

• Snyk: Snyk DevSecOps platform helps teams to integrate security into their development and deployment processes, enabling them to quickly identify, fix and monitor potential vulnerabilities in applications. It provides developers with the tools they need to detect issues early on and remediate them quickly, helping to reduce the risk of data breaches or other security incidents. Additionally, Snyk’s cloud-based platform automatically scans for vulnerabilities and provides real-time alerts about any potential security issues, allowing teams to take immediate action. With its robust suite of features, Snyk helps organizations to easily implement secure application development practices, ensuring that their applications are secure from the start. 

• Veracode: Veracode is a cloud-based application security platform that helps companies identify and fix security vulnerabilities in their software applications. It uses a combination of automated and manual testing, as well as static and dynamic analysis to detect coding errors and other security threats. Veracode also provides guidance on how to remediate any issues found. Companies can use Veracode to secure their applications from malicious attacks, comply with industry regulations, and protect customer data.

• Mend: Mend (originally WhiteSource) is a cloud-based open-source security platform that helps enterprises to identify and fix vulnerabilities in their applications. It provides visibility into the security of open-source components throughout the entire software development lifecycle and helps teams to quickly remediate any issues.

• Aqua Security: With Aqua Security, DevSecOps teams can ensure container security throughout the entire development cycle. It provides full visibility into any existing vulnerabilities and allows teams to automatically remediate them before they become a threat. Furthermore, it enables automation of security processes across all applications and environments, allowing for faster deployments with higher quality and fewer errors. Finally, the platform leverages analytics and machine learning to track the security posture of your applications, identify any potential threats and alert teams when necessary. With Aqua Security, DevSecOps teams can ensure that their applications are secure while also maintaining agility and speed in development process.

• Enov8 Test Data Manager: Enov8 Test Data Manager is designed to enable DevSecOps teams to better manage, and secure, test data within the overall software development process. It enables developers, testers, and operations teams to collaborate more effectively by providing them with up-to-date visibility into the status of their test data. With Enov8 Test Data Manager, teams can quickly and easily identify any data security, governance, or compliance issues. Additionally, it provides automated processes for creating and managing test data throughout the entire software development lifecycle, for example data masking or encryption, thus making it easier to ensure that test data is accurate and secure. By taking a DevSecOps approach to managing test data, enterprises can reduce the risk of data breaches, or compliance violations, due to improper management of data within the lower, non-production, environments.

Who is Responsible for DevSecOps

The responsibility for DevSecOps ultimately lies with the organization’s leadership. It requires a coordinated effort between all departments, including developers, operations teams, security teams, and executives. Everyone has to be on board and understand the importance of integrating security into the development cycle. In particular, it is important that executive leadership understands their role in setting the tone, providing resources and support, and driving adoption of DevSecOps practices. Without executive commitment and involvement, successful DevSecOps adoption is unlikely to happen.

The responsibility for implementing DevSecOps also falls on developers, operations teams, and security teams. Developers need to build security into the code from the very beginning

What Regulations Should you be Aware Off

From the perspective of Security, and Data Privacy, the Key regulations IT & Software teams should be aware off are:

1. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): This is an EU regulation that went into effect in May 2018. It regulates how companies collect, store, process, and use personal data, and provides individuals with greater control over their personal data.

2. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA): This is a US law that went into effect in January 2020. It gives California residents the right to know what data is being collected about them, request access to and deletion of their personal data, and opt out of the sale of their personal data.

3. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS): This is an international standard that requires companies to ensure the security of cardholder data. It covers areas such as data encryption, access control, and network security.

4. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA): This is a US law that regulates how healthcare providers handle patient health data. It requires organizations to take measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of patient health data.

5. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX): This is a US law designed to protect investors by preventing companies from fraudulent accounting practices. It requires companies to have strong internal controls for financial reporting and to provide accurate financial information to shareholders.


DevSecOps is a critical component of any organization’s software development strategy. It enables organizations to integrate security into their development cycle, which helps them to quickly identify and fix vulnerabilities before they can lead to serious issues. To successfully implement DevSecOps, organizations must have the necessary resources and commitment from executive leadership, as well as coordinated efforts between developers, operations teams, and security teams. It is also important to be aware of relevant regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SOX. By taking these steps, organizations can ensure that their software development process is secure and compliant with all applicable laws.

By implementing DevSecOps organizations are not only improving their security posture, but also the speed and agility of their software development process. Ultimately, this will enable them to create higher-quality products that are more secure and compliant with all applicable regulations.  And through following these steps organizations can ensure that they are taking the necessary measures to protect themselves from cyber threats and data privacy risks. This will enable them to deliver better products and services, while also protecting the security of their business & customers.

Go with Spectrum to get the very best phone service

Are you interested in finding the most reputable internet provider in the American market from which you can choose from a variety of different services? If you are looking for clear answers, you have arrived at the right place because Spectrum is with us to provide its customers with the widest possible range of phone services. In addition to providing services for home phones, Spectrum is well-known for delivering services for internet TV and cable TV, both of which elevate the quality of entertainment that you can enjoy. Spectrum Phone Number gives you the flexibility to tailor your service to meet the needs of every member of your household by allowing you to choose from a variety of different plans.

Spectrum’s Private Mobile Network for Home Use:

With Spectrum’s cell phone service, clients may stay in touch with loved ones who are located far away, even if there’s a problem with the network. It has a broad network area, which enables it to provide the highest possible quality to the people that use it. Regardless of the circumstances, you can rest assured that the best calling services currently on the market will be of great assistance to the members of your family.

What you absolutely must understand about spectrum mobile phones:

Before making the switch to Spectrum Wireless and beginning to pay for mobile phone service through your cable or internet provider, there are a few things you should be aware of:

  • Prerequisite for Qualification to Apply

Some people are not good candidates for Spectrum Mobile. This cell bundle is only available to Spectrum Internet customers who also subscribe to autopay and meet certain credit requirements. If you meet those conditions, you can upgrade your Spectrum Mobile subscription to include up to five additional lines of service.

  • Aspects of the Network That Are Covered

The 5G network has been activated and is presently active. Connecting their devices to any one of Spectrum’s many Wi-Fi hotspots across the country is another way for customers to cut down on the amount of monthly data they use. Simply clicking on this link will take you to more information regarding coverage.

  • Mobile Hotspot

A mobile hotspot is included at no additional cost with Spectrum Mobile; however, data consumption over the mobile hotspot is subject to the usual data charges. Mobile hotspots can be used by customers on a per-gig basis, albeit heavy use will incur higher fees as you are continuously consuming data even when the feature is disabled.

  • Services Provided by Spectrum for the Internet

Internet connectivity at a consistently high speed and level of reliability is provided to Spectrum customers. With the assistance of a speedy internet connection, the user would be able to take advantage of unlimited data with no electronic data cabs required, which will enable him to complete his work in a relaxed and stress-free manner. Spectrum provides its customers with a wide variety of internet bundles; users can select the package that most closely matches their requirements and preferred download speeds. The scope also offers the quickest download and upload rates, enabling you to complete any activity without having to worry about over your data quota.

What factors led you to choose these spectrum services?

  • Spectrum is well-known for providing a wide range of solutions to its consumers at affordable rates, and as a result, it is widely considered to be among the most popular and reliable telecommunications companies in the US market. 
  • Spectrum has been well for providing its cable TV clients with a wide choice of channels in addition to providing home phone services. Customers can tailor their channel bundle to meet their specific requirements to make it more trustworthy and cost-effective. 
  • In addition to delivering television services, Spectrum is well-known for its internet services, which enable users to connect to strong internet and do activities while remaining seated at their desks. Spectrum is known for bundling products, which makes them cheaper. This package deal comprises three separate services: internet service, cable television service, and home phone service. 
  • Due to the vast coverage that Spectrum provides, its services are accessible in virtually all parts of America, including urban, suburban, and rural areas.  As a result, if you sign up for spectrum bundling solutions, you will make it less expensive. 

Time is money for both you and your customers, and they anticipate a prompt response from the business that is providing the service. If the customer places a high value on their own time, the supplier of the service should respond to the customer as efficiently as possible so that the customer doesn’t have to wait for an extended period for their question to be answered. Spectrum subscribers get fast response times.