Construction Trends: How Well Are You Leveraging Technology? Take the Quiz and Find Out!

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10 years ago, a construction company was considered leading-edge if it used software for estimating, time keeping and job costing.  Today, those solutions are just table stakes. The basic price of admission.  Of course, those software products are still important, but they no longer represent a competitive advantage.  Today’s competitive advantage is found in technology solutions such as drones, robotics, automated machine controls, telematics, and leading-edge construction management software.

Here are some of today’s innovative technology solutions that you have probably never heard of:

Dispatch and Scheduling Software:  If you have sites that are accidentally running out of fuel or materials, it’s time to consider dispatch software.  Or, if you have sites that are not optimized for the exact timing of equipment arrivals, equipment repairs and material deliveries, then dispatch software is again worth a look.  Or, if it feels like everyone is running around every day fighting fires simply due to ongoing miscommunication, you will gain from this category of software.

Labor and equipment on a typical site runs upwards of $1,500/hour which simply means that poorly planned days are very expensive.  A well-designed dispatch and scheduling software allows for proactive planning which stops errors before they happen.  The leader in dispatch and scheduling software for heavy construction is Vizzn Inc.

Extra Billing Software:  If you have ever missed an opportunity to bill for extra work because you either forgot to bill it or your field team missed it entirely, it might be time to start looking for an extra billing software.  If you have ever tried to bill for extra work but the customer turned you down because your submission was untimely or poorly documented, this category of software will be an easy win.

A proper extra billing software empowers everyone in the company to easily document all site challenges and efficiently communicate those findings to the team members responsible for creating those extra billings.  Vizzn Inc. provides the leading software of this type.

Quality Control Software: If you have ever been responsible for rework that was unfairly placed on your shoulders or have ever found yourself on the wrong side of a lawsuit that wrongfully challenged your product quality, consider quality control software. QC software handles your project from the bid to project close out by documenting the process through to the final product.  Vizzn Inc. is again the leading software provider in quality control software for construction and is proven to be the best solution for helping contractors sleep better at night.

Complete the quick 20 question yes/no quiz below and find out how tech savvy your company is compared to its peers.  By taking the quiz, you will receive an in-depth complementary report that breaks down your score into 10 additional subcategories and identifies leading technology solutions for you to consider.  The subcategories are: Revenue Generation, Construction Management, Quality Control, Project Management, Tendering, Safety, Risk Management, Fleet Management, Communication Flow, and Document Management. Take the quiz today and begin your journey towards an indisputable competitive advantage!

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