DMG MORI Joins the Applied Digital Manufacturing Center as its Newest Industry Partner

DMG MORI Joins the Applied Digital Manufacturing Center as its Newest Industry Partner

The future of aerospace manufacturing is digital. Morf3D is the industry innovator bringing together the best technologies, methodologies, and minds to make this new era of digital manufacturing possible. The leading edge of this progress is the ADMC (Applied Digital Manufacturing Center), a partnership of global leaders utilizing a 90,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility to industrialize the digital manufacturing process across all markets.

DMG MORI proudly partners with the ADMC, as a supplier of subtractive, adaptive, automation and hybrid 3D AM technologies, that will be imperative as the ADMC continues to evolve. DMG MORI is providing post-3D manufacturing solutions and utilizing their automation technology to provide complete solutions. DMG MORI General Manager of National Engineering, Mr. Jeff Wallace is the DMG MORI representative and supplies technical insight and experience in the above areas as projects are reviewed and implemented. 

“We are privileged to partner with DMG MORI who will deliver immense innovation and integrated capability,” said Ivan Madera, CEO for Morf3D, Inc. “Their incredible contributions – including their best-of-the-best equipment and brightest minds in the industry – will be an excellent addition to the Applied Digital Manufacturing Center and will further evolve our mission to streamline and automate the production process.”

“We are honored to take part in the Applied Digital Manufacturing Center,” said Dr. Keiichi Ota, President at DMG MORI USA, Inc.. “Morf3D is making such incredible strides in the additive manufacturing industry, and we are excited to work together as partners to keep that momentum going.”

The Applied Digital Manufacturing Center will house 150 multi-discipline engineers, research staff, and technical teams. The ADMC will also serve as a strong industrial base that will improve the quality of Morf3D’s products and enhance the company’s technical capabilities, as well as enrich its customer applications worldwide.

DMG MORI is a worldwide leading manufacturer of machine tools. Integrated automation and end-to-end digitization solutions extend our core business with turning and milling machines, Advanced Technologies and Additive Manufacturing. With modular products, we enable an easy, fast, scalable entry into digital manufacturing as well as end-to-end digitization.

Our customer-oriented services cover the entire life cycle of a machine tool – including training, repair, maintenance and spare parts service. In the “Global One Company”, around 12,000 employees are in direct contact with over 100,000 customers from 55 industries. DMG MORI is present in 87 countries worldwide – with 16 production plants, 111 sales and service locations – and is actively advancing the future fields of automation, digitization and sustainability.

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Morf3D Inc., a subsidiary of Nikon Corporation, specializes in metal additive manufacturing technology that transforms engineering design into full production systems. Morf3D’s mission is to enable client proficiency in fully exploiting the benefits of additive engineering and manufacturing, while delivering innovative solutions that solve complex design and manufacturing challenges.

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