Globalization – A Boon Or a Curse to Mankind?

Globalization – A Boon Or a Curse to Mankind?

What is globalization? Different people today from distinctive areas of existence have diverse ideas about globalization. Some look at it as the motion of persons, language, tips, and products and solutions all-around the entire world (IMF, 2002). Others see it as the dominance of multinational firms and the destruction of cultural identities. Some of these individuals truly feel globalization is a valuable method (IMF, 2002), whilst many others appear at it with suspension and detest. No matter what their feelings perhaps, globalization is nothing at all new, be it the use of the ‘silk route’ to trade solutions (Jing, 2004) or the distribute of paper world huge it has been in this article for hundreds of years.

The only point that has modified is the velocity with which it is using spot. The results and consequences of contemporary globalization have turn out to be far more noticeable than ever and like any other issue, globalization way too has arrive in a offer of great and terrible matters. The earth is no more time what it applied to be. The direct and oblique results of globalization have had far-achieving final results with very couple issues still left untouched. Even so, in a wide sense, the most obvious and greatly impacted sorts of globalization have been the technological revolution, the modification of foodstuff and meals patterns and urbanization. In other terms, the world is globalizing and the result is a a great deal more quickly, fatter and a extra fashionable earth.

Technological Revolution
A person of the major off-springs of globalization has been the technological revolution. Globalization of technology it’s possible regarded as the greatest boon or the most important risk to mankind relying on how the entire world utilizes it in the coming several years. Even while the subject is of a sensitive nature, the broad distribute use of know-how has put us in a place in which incredibly several would want to go back. Computers, tv, cars and trucks, energy, fridges, bottle openers, telephones, pilot pens, funds card, and so on have added so much luxury and value to a person’s lifestyle. The introduction of internet has introduced persons nearer to every single other. Facts now travels at the speed of a click on of a button and along with it tens of millions of tips and improvements. Fashionable technological know-how has experienced massively spectacular and drastic impacts on all fields.

As one particular researcher from North-east regional forum rightly details out the impact of technological innovation on schooling by stating, “Technology is not going to take care of the challenges associated with education, but, at the very same time, the difficulties that plague our educational program are not heading to be remedied without the existence of technology” (USDE, 2003).
Not surprisingly although, the innovation of new technologies has resulted in substitution and dematerialization. For instance the demand from customers of copper wires in telecommunication in the 90’s had dropped to half of what it was in 1979 as it fell prey to other highly developed systems (Black, 1992). Know-how, it is stated would make the earth a smaller and superior place. But this is only fifty percent the truth. Technological know-how has also designed the planet a feared location. Anxiety of nuclear disasters, staff remaining replaced by machines, rising hole involving loaded and very poor, habit and dependence on machines, sedentary everyday living kinds, genetic food, etc are all adverse outcomes of contemporary technology.

Altered Foods and Foodstuff Practices
The earth is starting to be fatter. Contemporary day foods and food patterns are resulting in intense health and fitness difficulties and being overweight. No doubt, the foods has turn into more delightful and many far more varieties of food items are accessible in the industry owing to globalization. But the actuality continues to be that the foodstuff marketed in the sector maybe unhealthy. In today’s earth, a great deal of the food stuff we eat are genetically modified or sprayed with pesticides. Kathleen McAfee, ‘Genetically Modified Morals’ (McAfee, 2003) appears to be to be unsurprised above the decrease of U.S. genetically modified food assist by south-African countries. She argues that modified crops are designed for dealing with pest difficulties and not foods generation.
On the other hand, the globe is witnessing a total globalization phenomenon acknowledged as ‘the McDonalization of Society’ in accordance to socialist like George Ritzer.

Ritzer defines McDonaldization as a system in which the ideas of quickly foodstuff restaurants are coming to dominate modern society (Ritzer, reprinted, 1993:1). Present-day planet has found a growing domination of delicatessens and fast food items. Folks just about everywhere flock to food items courts contemplating they experienced capable to conserve time and money. But speedy meals are below attack for promoting harmful food items and inducing people today to overeat for financial gain. This kind of ingestion of processed small nutrient food items has led to wide distribute epidemic of obesity and wellness linked problems. If we go on this development of McDonaldization, we could end up in grave risk by placing our very own bodies at possibility.

Globalization Top to Urbanization
World wide alter has led to radical urbanization and the results of urbanization have led to the process of unifying the entire world at an alarming speed, transporting style, new music, goods and cultural traits to all corners of the globe. For case in point, the ‘fashion gap’ amongst countries like United states and Asian international locations is not very huge in comparison to a handful of several years again. One can now purchase the most up-to-date products and solutions, view the newest movies or listen to the latest tracks, be it in Nepal or in the United States. Life have changed but grow to be just about the exact everywhere you go, as designer and strategist David Gensler places it “All the things is about information and facts and speed. The trends are global. The use designs are world” (Sharett, 2004).

But in all this, cultures are getting shed to modernization, lifestyles are getting monotonous and sedentary and social values are currently being torn aside by globalization. Backed by traits and electric power of affect, Western ideals are falsely founded as common, in excess of-using local traditions and cultures. Merchandise and suggestions are getting misused with no figuring out their consequences. These implications and consequences of urbanization have lifted several and really serious queries about mankind’s futures.

When just one can try to weigh the execs and downsides of globalization, the complete situation of globalization is really advanced. This will make it difficult to choose and types globalization at least for the moment. Globalization has prompted the environment to improve and some of these changes have been superior even though other have not. Globalization in by itself is unavoidable and men and women will constantly have distinctive opinions on it simply because of its range. To undervalue it and not consider the correct steps to suppress ‘unwanted globalization’ could be disastrous. Just one may possibly for that reason discuss about globalization, not as a boon or a curse but as a necessity to mankind for all-spherical globe growth. Globalization, hence 1 might incorporate, have to be managed with treatment.