Lifelong Peterborough resident Matthew Crowley plans to run in Monaghan Ward

Matthew Crowley, an information technology specialist and lifelong Peterborough resident, says he’s running for council in Monaghan Ward to try to bring fresh leadership to City Hall.

Crowley has always lived in Monaghan Ward, where he continues to reside with his wife and three daughters.

“I think I can make a positive change for the city — and help steer the ship for a bit,” he said in an interview Tuesday.

Peterborough’s at a “tipping point,” he states in a release: the west end is seeing more crime, he states, and the downtown is “decaying” while homelessness and lack of addiction treatment are “major issues” too.

Difficulties with public transit and transportation in general are among other challenges he sees.

But he said in his interview he believes in improvement — and it starts with city councillors working well with one another.

“I think there are quite a few personalities on city council that maybe don’t gel — maybe it’s time for a fresh outlook,” he said. “New blood on council, to give a new perspective to things… I just think it’s time for change.”

Crowley grew up on Crowley Crescent (“funnily enough,” he says of his street name matching his last name) in the west end of Peterborough.

He attended both elementary and high school in Peterborough and went on to study at Fleming College to become a systems analyst.

For the last 20 years he’s worked as an information technology support specialist with GM Financial, a General Motors-owned firm on Jameson Drive in Peterborough that provides auto financing.

Crowley has also been performing music in Peterborough since his teens.

“Even into my mid-20s, I was still playing in bands,” he said. “But by that time I was raising a daughter who had disability issues (his eldest, now 27, lives with cerebral palsy). It was at that time I thought making a living in music probably isn’t the best thing for my daughter.”

So he went to college to become a system analyst, he said, while continuing to play in bands and to write music.

Until the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020, Crowley was performing with the local alt/rock band Union City and also booking local musicians and touring bands for venues such as The Red Dog.

No one else has announced a run in Monaghan Ward — not even the incumbents.

Coun. Henry Clarke has said he’s considering a run for mayor but has made no announcement yet while Coun. Don Vassiliadis hasn’t announced his intentions.

Who’s running for city council?

  • Mayor Diane Therrien has said she will not seek re-election.
  • Coun. Stephen Wright of Northcrest Ward is running for mayor.
  • Former Peterborough city councillor and former Peterborough-Kawartha MPP Jeff Leal has said he is considering a run for mayor but has not made a decision yet.
  • Coun. Kim Zippel of Otonabee Ward won’t be running again, but her wardmate Coun. Lesley Parnell says she will seek re-election. Kevin Duguay, a professional planner, has announced he’ll run in Otonabee Ward.
  • Councillors Keith Riel and Gary Baldwin will both seek re-election in Ashburnham Ward.
  • Coun. Dean Pappas of Town Ward has said he will seek re-election, but wardmate Coun. Kemi Akapo has not said whether she will be running again. Former Peterborough-Kawartha federal NDP candidate Joy Lachica will run too, as will artist Alex Bierk.
  • Coun. Henry Clarke of Monaghan Ward has said he’s considering running for mayor but hasn’t decided yet; wardmate Coun. Don Vassiliadis hasn’t publicly stated his intentions. IT specialist Matthew Crowley is running for council in Monaghan Ward.

  • Coun. Andrew Beamer is running for re-election in Northcrest Ward. Former Northcrest Ward city councillor Dave Haacke is running in that ward as well.

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