No cost Energy is Doable With a Magnetic Generator!

No cost Energy is Doable With a Magnetic Generator!

Not had time to unfold information about the technology of free vitality of Professor LI Szabo, editors realized that Mike Brady commenced to go its magnetic motor perendev on the current market. To acquire very first hand info, was to satisfy in Munich, for the duration of which it became crystal clear a little something exceptionally shocking.


This function refresh your memory of the 1st editors of the time getting acquainted with these kinds of creation. Every of them dealt with the free of charge power, even ahead of his acquaintance with every single other, independently of each other at a distance of thousands of miles, but with one goal: to lead to the option of environmental complications and reduce the harmful outcomes for mankind of old vitality economy.

In 1982, Inge Schontal afterwards Schneider examine a book “The conversion of magnetic discipline energy of gravity – the revolution in technologies, drugs, modern society, penned by Dr. Hans Nipper (Dr. Hans Nieper, Konversion von Schwerkraftfeldenergie – Revolution in Technik, Medizin, Gesellschaft “), and this was usually interested in her. Staying a feminine member of the functioning team, it investigated the discovery of Rudolf Tsinsera ( “Result Tsinsera”), Raymond CRAMRA and Ernst Christen, who stood at the origins of the thought of magnetic motors and promised a group of one these types of motor for autonomous electrical power supply to their houses.

Sadly, until this circumstance experienced not absent, because he was by now sick, but in his laboratory, gals were being able to see some top secret apparatus. Currently at that time he traveled by car, gas for which via the use of exceptional earths at 50% was extracted from drinking water. Ernst Christen launched this auto in Yupiterskom Congress in Aeshi, shortly before his death, but which is yet another tale. All through the participation in women’s doing the job team Inge also went to Munich on an electrical motorbike, explained by Dr. Nipper in his e book. Culminating demonstration and testing of current machinery, which makes no cost electrical power Testatika der Methernitha, to this day stays a thriller.

As Adolf Schneider currently in the early seventies less than the doctrine of different ideas of motors and energy to the book “The guests from outer place” (1973) he utilized the information and facts from the publications “boundless power ( Energy Unlimited) and other U.S. publications, discovering about the revolutionary opportunities of magnetic motors. Now at that time he experienced this assortment of patents on magnetic motors, amid others, the patent of Howard R. Johnson, and in 1981 he attended the initial conference structured by the “German Union of the magnetic subject electricity because of to gravity, on” The Conversion of magnetic energy gravity discipline.

Editors satisfied in 1986 all through a lecture by Dr. V. Folkrodta devoted to new and antique impressive technologies for the extraction of strength held in Schlieren near Zurich. Inge learned about this lecture by Dr. Hans-Juerg Landolt, who was a person of the “godfathers” of the Union. No matter what it was, from that second they parted, and at the very same time, the concern of absolutely free energy and new approaches for generating it, as the magnetic motor, identified in the potential of their shared personalized and experienced lives.

For twenty many years, as they founded the publishing household “Jupiter”, they explore the opening at household and abroad, keep a congress, publish textbooks, publishers of Web-based magazine “- thus they were being able to arouse curiosity in the enterprise of JSC TransAltek” the functional software this sort of technologies, they created the concept of the new gear, which build them selves on the product or to make an get for its creation, donated resources to aid inventors, do not anticipate extra than anyone. Often they arrive at the edge of despair when they could not recognize how to translate their know-how into observe and then almost nothing left but disappointment, but in this article in 2006/2007 lastly arrive to move extensive-awaited breakthrough.

Prior to that now noted on developments in the discipline of magnetic motors with better ability of Professor LI Szabo.

As for the engine perendev, at very first it has unsuccessful. Mike Brady was to start with officially launched him in 2005 at the congress “New Hope for Earth and Humanity”, arranged by the publishing residence “Jupiter” in Bregenz, but only in the form of video, which considerably dissatisfied members. He appointed a major presentation on July 7, 2006 in lodge “Arabella-Sheraton in Munich for the attendance at which everyone experienced to fork out 100 Euro, but that was soon abolished. There have been rumors that the engine is not ready. Questioned about the factors for the abolition of the presentation, Mike Brady, the editors discussed their steps.

In the interview you can obtain a complete rationalization. Later, he gave an interview to Sterling B. Alain, the operator of the internet site of the gadgets, building electricity of magnetic fields. In this job interview was felt that the engines perendev will be offered at the intercontinental sector. Having said that, optimism is not included, continued to circulate. But when at a conference in Horne explained to users of the existing apparatus perendev, and in late March, small business partner called and said that in the back garden of a single of his buddy is the engine perendev of 100 kW and offer electric power to the household, it was time to act. The editors agreed with Mike Brady of the conference, and April 4, he took them in his residence in the quarter Grünwald near Munich, to give an job interview.

Born in 1949 in South Africa, attended faculty there and received his instruction in the subject of informatics. Throughout his life he was intrigued in the technologies of engines, took part in racing and has a license for piloting. Early plenty of, he was interested in choice engines, capable of manufacturing additional electrical power. For the reason that of their all-natural curiosity, he grew to become an inventor, and labored on the enhancement of quite a few inventions, such as helicopter, electric powered generator, magnetic motors and engines working on liquid nitrogen.

As an inventor, he firmly believes in the limitless possibilities of the human capability to create. To day he has established prototypes of the engine with the everlasting magnets, as very well as liquid nitrogen.

The principle of magnetic engine, generation has now become attainable, has its roots in 1969, when the inventor constructed the 1st performing model of a wood cage. Motor hardly functioned, but nonetheless drew up a modest ability, which, primarily owing to the minimal magnetic force is employed then the magnet. And nonetheless, the inventor has become abundantly obvious that the creation of magnetic generator making mechanical electrical power, which can be transformed by the generator linked to electric powered electrical power, is attainable in basic principle.