Print finishing firm Rollem leverages 3D printing to support playing card production operations

Daemon 3D provided Rollem with Makerbot Method and Method X 3D printers after they began looking to upgrade their technology to keep up to date with the development of the industry.

Rollem – a world leading print finishing specialist that creates innovative solutions for printers around the world – have used MakerBot 3D printers for many years but began searching for a newer model in line with the development of the technology.

One of the company’s finishing applications is playing, trading and gaming cards, with their machinery eliminating the need for separate operations to create products. Around 90% of global playing card suppliers, including Pokémon, Monopoly and Cluedo, use Rollem’s print finishing machines. 

But with each company having different specifications, Rollem has to be able to alter their machinery between each order which would mean they would only be able to produce large batches of products.

Additive manufacturing and 3D printing was found to solve this problem, allowing for smaller orders and flexible part designs, which led to Rollem seeking advice for choosing the right machinery for its specifications.

Director of Daemon 3D, Nicola Stokes, and Managing Director of Rollem, Stuart Murphy have known each other for over 20 years and when Stuart explained to her the company’s interest in using 3D printing technology, it sparked the partnership between Daemon and Rollem.

Daemon 3D – a web shop retailer for 3D printing technology – provides technical sales support and advice to customers looking for the right type of 3D printing technology.

Its website shop only offers products which have their own unique function and Daemon 3D’s team research into the best on the market so they can suggest one specific model that meets the customers’ needs rather than providing a list of options.

Nicola Stokes, Director at Daemon 3D, said: “Whether we have known a client for 20 years or 20 minutes, we work hard to ensure we understand their technical needs and with a variety of technical backgrounds, our team are able to provide leading support and advice for first time 3D printer buyers and regular customers who know their way around a machine.”

Daemon and Rollem’s teams went back and forth with suggestions for the right technology and after 12 months of discussions Rollem finally went with Daemon’s advice that the ‘MakerBot Method’ and ‘MakerBot Method X’ 3D printers would be the best fit and Daemon 3D then supplied Rollem with one of each model.

Stuart Murphy said: “Daemon 3D understand what we need as a company, our very specific applications and technical challenges and I had full confidence that the MakerBot Method Printers would achieve what we needed as we had completed extensive scoping of the issue with Nicola and her team.

“The ease of access from Daemon 3D’s website meant that the information we needed was always there helping us to make our decision and when that wasn’t enough Nicola was always on hand to answer our questions, a testament to both her technical know-how and customer support and the MakerBot Method and Method X printers have offered us the flexibility we were looking for to produce custom parts each time, reducing our turn-around time by eliminating the need to outsource some work and also reduce our overall costs.”

The purchase of these printers by Rollem direct from Daemon cemented the relationship that began between the two Directors over twenty years ago and with the 3D printing market constantly evolving and changing, Daemon 3D continues to provide advice of up-to-date, top of the line 3D printing technology to people who need it.

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