ProEV™ Deploys NGen Funding Into Manufacturing Technology

ProEV™ Deploys NGen Funding Into Manufacturing Technology

ST. LOUIS, June 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As both the United States and Canada invest billions in the future of electric vehicles, ProEVTM, a division of Electrical Components International (ECI), has received funding from Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen) to create industry-leading technology. NGen is an industry-led non-profit committed to building world-leading, advanced manufacturing capabilities in Canada by fostering collaborative innovation partnerships among its members.

ProEVTM, a manufacturing technology business that manufactures and engineers high-voltage cable and wire harnesses for industrial and commercial electric vehicles, was created by Promark Electronics in response to the transportation industry’s growing need for electrification solutions.

ProEVTM by Promark Electronics, a division of ECI, is collaborating with MDA Ltd., a leading provider of advanced technology and services to the rapidly expanding global space industry, and AV&R, an innovator in robotics and automation on the project. “The NGen funding will allow ProEVTM to leverage the expertise of our team, in collaboration with MDA and AV&R, to deliver fast, flexible, and high-quality products to electric vehicles OEMs,” said Jarred Knecht, President of ProEVTM

“As we continue to scale the electric vehicle revolution, we must have in place the capacity, speed, and quality necessary for these safety-critical products,” he added. “This kind of collaboration allows our company to advance our proprietary technologies not just one step at a time but by leaps and bounds.”

The ProEVTM collaboration drew NGen support because of its potential to help in fast-paced and highly flexible manufacturing environments, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

ProEVTM is investing NGen funding in three main areas: 

  • Robotic advancements, such as RoboKartTM, a training system designed for operators to use on the production floor to create a dynamic environment for robotic processes, making robotics approachable and accessible.
  • KonnectAITM Dynamic Programming Systems, which uses operational research models to predict and strategically schedule production operations.
  • KonnectAITM Quality, a quality system that deploys advanced computer vision models using AI to scan each product and inspect multiple critical quality areas with ease and traceability. This system allows operators to ensure the quality of materials and workmanship, which significantly enhances the team’s ability to feel confident in their quality of work in ways not otherwise possible.

“By integrating these advanced proprietary technologies, ProEVTM can rapidly scale innovation while maintaining our peak level of quality control,” said Kyryll Zaytsev, Promark’s Director of Applied Innovation and Technology. “Investment in technology is significant for the safety-critical nature of these products, where our customers are looking for must-never-fail standards.” The investments are an essential part of ProEVTM‘s culture and DNA as a technology business, evidenced as well by the use of ultrasonic welding processes in conjunction with ProEVTM‘s high voltage cable.

About ProEVTM, a Division of ECI

ProEVTM, a Division of Electrical Components International, is the EV Center of excellence for ECI, servicing global EV customers in the development and manufacturing of their vehicle platforms. Founded in 1953, Electrical Components International is one of the world’s leading suppliers of electrical distribution systems, control box assemblies, and other critical engineered components for diversified markets. With 25,000 employees and 37 global manufacturing locations, at ECI, we power smart, connected and electrified solutionsTM that enable the most advanced technologies to solve the most complex challenges. To learn more about ProEVTM, visit


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ProEV™ Deploys NGen Funding Into Manufacturing Technology

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