Sadhguru in Tel Aviv: Israel leading innovation in agriculture technology, turning sand into fertile soil | India News

Sadhguru, on his visit to Israel as part of the 100-day Journey to Save Soil, expressed that the world has much to learn and gain from Israel’s agricultural practices and innovations. While the rest of the world has seen degradation of fertile land, “Israel is one nation, which has been busy transforming desert into fertile, agricultural fields. This is a nation, which has invested 4.3 percent of its GDP on research and development. Cooperation between agricultural industry, farmers, technological research and the Government has led to a phenomenon where they have developed many aspects of agriculture into a very high precision function and have been a guidance to the world.”

“Israel- an outstanding example of commitment & vision. As fertile soils turn into sand in the rest of the world, Israel is turning sand into fertile soil, producing 99% of its own food & leading innovation in agriculture technology. May Israel inspire the world. -Sg #SaveSoil

Starting from London on March 21st on a 100-day, lone motorcycle journey, Sadhguru has traveled through a significant section of Europe and parts of Central Asia, galvanizing public and governments’ support for urgent policy formulation to halt soil degradation. Referring to Israel’s determined people who have turned harsh desert into fertile lands, he said  “It is heartening to see that when people have the necessary resolve, we can turn things around. And definitely, where we are right now in terms of soil degradation in the world, this can be turned around if we have the necessary resolve and focus to save soil. Let’s make it happen.”

Sadhguru arrived at Tel Aviv in Israel on Day 48 of the Save Soil Journey, drawing a massive crowd of 4,500 people at the Charles Bronfman Auditorium. The event featured inspiring and powerful addresses from Dr Ron Malka, Director General of the Ministry of Economy and Industry of Israel, and Shri Rajiv Bodwade, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Indian Embassy of Israel.

Time to rise beyond social & national boundaries to build a temple of Humanity for the Soil that has held us in indiscriminate embrace. May our love & relentless commitment to rich soil find unified expression. #SaveSoil. -Sg #SaveSoilTelAviv @DrRonMalka @tamarzandberg @indemtel

Ms Tamar Zandberg, Minister of Environmental Protection of Israel, wholeheartedly expressed her gratitude and support to Sadhguru, for initiating this movement. “We know that without healthier soil and sustainable land and sustainable soil management we cannot tackle the climate crisis, we cannot produce enough food and adapt to a changing climate … I want to thank Sadhguru personally and on behalf of this huge crowd, for bringing all of these people together, for connecting all of us and for reminding us that the circle of life is dependent on the sustainability of soil. Thank you and Save Soil!”

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