Scrona AG closes $9.6m funding round led by AM Ventures

ETH Zurich spin-off Scrona AG has closed a $9.6 million Series A financing round which will support the commercialisation of its micro 3D printing technology.

The funding round was led by AM Ventures, featured contributions from TRUMPF Venture, Verve Ventures and Manz GmbH Management Consulting and Investment, and included a $2.9m grant from the Swiss Secreteriat for Education, Research and Innovation.

Scrona’s 3D printing technology leans on a multi-nozzle electroplastic printhead that helps to facilitate ‘ultra-high resolution and high-speed printing. Achieving a printing resolution in the sub micrometre range, Scrona believes its technology will support new applications across semiconductor manufacturing, electronics and high-end displays. The resolution and layer thickness control of Scrona’s technology, for example, enables the printing of quantum dot RGB colour filters for high-brightness, full colour micro LED displays in augmented reality glasses for gaming, and metaverse applications. Scrona also holds the world record for the smallest ever printed colour picture.

The company’s technology is based on the electrostatic ejection principle and yields very fine, submicron-scale printing and jetting. It works with various ink material that are said to be 100 times more viscous than those compatible with conventional inkjet printheads.

“Scrona is enabling customers to digitally print the impossible – on any material, at scale, improving the speed, accuracy and cost of manufacturing today and tomorrow’s innovative products,” commented Dr Patrick Galliker, co-founder and CEO of Scrona. “We are very excited to be supported by this syndicate of expert investors who understand the disruptive potential of Scrona’s scalable printing technology, which has the ability to reduce manufacturing steps 10-fold, while also significantly reducing material, energy and water usage.”

“There is enormous potential of the Scrona technology in additive manufacturing because its technology can process materials that are simply not processable with other printheads today,” added Johann Oberhofer, Managing Partner at AM Ventures. “The combination of the highest resolution and the ability to overcome restrictions around high-performance materials of current processes is unique. I expect that Scrona’s technology will enable completely new applications and we are glad to accompany them on their journey together with a strong investor line-up.”

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