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The Sacred Geometries of Lust, Ability and Platonic Enjoy

In the gentle of nanotechnology the thinker Anaxagoras, during the 5th Century BC, can now be considered to have founded Western atomistic science with his theory of development. The Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy, by consciously fusing ethics into his concept of development, established (a religious) science in the 3rd Century BC. This method of imagining followed the historic Egyptian follow of employing sacred geometrical mathematics to define mercy, compassion and justice in phrases of political regulation, that these days explains the existence of such items as hospitals and outdated age pensions.

A single of the strangest success of the Greek improvement of atomistic science was that it transformed the authentic development concept into what is now recognised as a intricate dynamical fractal sensible program extending to infinity. Mathematically, this is also recognisable as currently being an observer-participant act of quantum mechanics, in which intellect influences the subatomic cloth of common fact.

The linking of Anaxagoras’ mind-function theories to the workings of an infinite universe is an unachievable plan within the present Einsteinian environment-look at. A planet-perspective demanding the eventual destruction of all lifestyle in the universe, is a concept which cannot tolerate the idea that the dwelling procedure could possibly belong to the workings of an infinite universe.

Nonetheless, mainstream science commonly accepts that the logic of elaborate dynamical fractal logic does in truth prolong to infinity. It is absurd to deny the infinite mother nature of fact due to the fact nanotechnology demonstrates that the molecule of emotion, identified by Dr Candace Pert in 1972, features as a mathematical expression in concert with the workings of Anaxagoras’s infinite universe.

The Einsteinian globe-perspective, though a work of genius, only applies to bodily fact and not to the workings of a common holographic actuality, as postulated by Einstein’s protege, David Bohm.

In 2011 the Cornell University Library announced a quantum biological discovery by two Chinese scientists who experienced utilized mathematics to describe that the protein enfolding within DNA is in defiance of Einstein’s globe-view. 10 yrs earlier the Science-Art Exploration Centre of Australia experienced released a prediction that evolutionary route was delivered by the regularly changing shapes of evolving protein in DNA, contrary to the critical physics basic principle of chaos upholding Einsteinian science.

Sir Isaac Newton also regarded as that the universe was infinite and his unpublished Heresy Papers, identified very last century, proclaimed his conviction that a more pure and profound universal electricity program existed to harmony the forces belonging to the bodily description of the universe. The physics principles upholding this heresy belonged to the very same ones that upheld the ancient Greek Platonic ‘Science for ethical ends’, which, as pointed out, had been created from Anaxagoras’ theories of creation. Anaxagoras held that in the starting of the cosmos two infinite rules existed, Mind and the Primeval Mixture in a condition of chaos. The cosmos started to variety as the infinite spermata within just the Primeval Combination separated from it by the energy of evolving mind. Fashionable 21st Century quantum biology understands that consciousness does in truth evolve by a quantum entanglement among the energies of materialistic chaos and the electromagnetic energies of subatomic movement.

The Nobel Laureate in Medication, Szent Gyorgyi, was a single of those scientists who disagreed with 20th Century mainstream science, insisting that the energies of human consciousness developed by interacting with the energies of Einstein’s universal energies of chaos. This posting attempts to explain how the idea of Platonic Really like, as an observer-participant act, is very important to the concept of guiding the growth of the technologies for wholesome human evolution, in the variety of a new medical science ruled by a new global lawful technique.

The pertinent energy’s mathematical affiliation with the Platonic ‘Music of the Spheres’ was learned by the Science-Artwork Exploration Centre of Australia for the duration of the 1980s and in 1990 the world’s largest study institute, IEEE’s SPIE Milestone Series, reprinted it as a major optical mathematical discovery from the 20th Century literature. In 1995 the Institute for Standard Analysis in The usa superior the operate to learn new physics guidelines governing the best possible biological expansion and development through room-time.

Plato, it can be reasoned, recognized that the Golden Signify geometrical ratios belonging to the sacred geometries of the Secret Colleges of historical Egypt embraced an infinite mathematical logic that existed prior to the actual physical entire world was designed. He plainly anticipated these geometries to be a non secular optical entanglement with the bodily world for an infinite moral evolutionary reason. Greek Platonic philosophers had studied in Egypt and were aware that throughout the Second Kingdom, the mathematics of mercy, compassion and justice experienced been included into political regulation. Aristotle wrote about a science to manual ennobling government, so that humanity could develop into section of the wholesome evolution of the universe, in purchase to prevent extinction. This depicted a futuristic ethical health-related science to govern world human evolutionary survival.

Harvard University’s Novartis Professor, Amy Edmondson, in her biography of the engineer Buckminster Fuller, wrote that he derived his design of a balanced two electricity technique from the spiritual optical engineering ideas of Plato, which had been derived from the moral sacred geometries of historical Egypt. Sir Isaac Newton’s much more profound organic infinite philosophy also embraced this notion of two common electrical power devices.The objective of the Egyptian moral mathematics (Maat) was to avoid the universe from reverting back to primordial chaos.

In the course of the 15th Century, Fibonacci and Pacioli taught Leonardo da Vinci the arithmetic of the Babylonian Thriller Faculties. Leonardo, with each other with Rene Descartes and Sir Francis Bacon became the pivotal individuals who ushered in the mechanical period of the industrialised entire world. The 20th Century mathematician Bertrand Russell’s most popular essay, entitled ‘A Freeman’s Worship’, was derived from the teachings of the Babylonian Goddess of prostitution and war, Ishtar. While the Babylonian School embraced aspects of infinity, Russell’s essay advocated the worship of Einstein’s world-look at of chaos. Russell seems to have been emotionally motivated by the teachings of Ishtar, as he became Britain’s foremost advocate of cost-free sex. Russell even wrote a marriage advice guide on that subject matter and was dismissed from his professorial posture at the College or university of New York in 1940, by court docket order, as becoming morally unfit to educate learners.

The Ishtar Gate was crafted in the 6th century BC by decree of King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon. It depicted areas of environmental fact in which the ancient sacred geometries observed in character, affected sexual behaviour in just the human condition. The intricate mathematical logic created from Ishtar’s teachings became the foundation of our present mainstream science. Lord Bertrand Russell wrote that we have no other choice but to worship the Babylonian arithmetic ethos of unavoidable whole universal chaos belonging to the Einsteinian planet-perspective.

Students in historical situations utilised several purely natural illustrations with which to affiliate intercourse with sacred geometrical Golden Signify layouts in nature, such as the structure structure of time, tides and planetary movement. Anaxagoras’ creation theory of a cosmic spermata basic principle getting linked to the sacred geometries, is well recorded in the evolution of lifetime on earth. The sexual behaviour of the horseshoe crab for instance, demonstrates this. It survived the excellent extinction of lifetime when the earth’s biosphere began to contain oxygen, a gasoline that destroyed most lifestyle on earth. The horseshoe crab has survived for 300 million years, present right before any dinosaur walked the earth.

The Golden Suggest design and style of the horseshoe crab’s feminine pheromones functions as a trigger, resulting in the males to release terrific portions of sperm. This makes sure the fertilisation of her eggs at individual tidal moments throughout the spring and summer time months. This takes place along the Jap coastline of The us and Mexico all through their mating on sandy shorelines. So lots of fertilised eggs are created as a resource of food items for fish, reptiles and birds that this frenzy of sexual coupling has minimal to affiliate sexual intercourse with some excellent infinite ethical reason. On the other hand the thought of Platonic Love, derived from the mathematics of the Egyptian Thriller Universities into the variety of a dynamical infinite fractal logic, as a conscious observer-participant purpose, does participate in the evolution of universal actuality.

In the 18th and 19th Generations, the terrific philosophers of the Passionate School of Electromagnetism, Immanuel Kant, Hans Christian Oersted, Friedrich Schelling and Alexander von Humboldt, recognized that when Pythagoras put gentle into the Music of the Spheres notion he was referring to an electromagnetic phenomena. The ancient Greeks linked the motion of the moon with the female cycle. Later on, electromagnetic scientists investigated the Platonic ethic that the moon’s motion was believed to impart to the atoms of a mother’s soul to reveal her love and compassion for children. By this, they sought to find the Kantian electromagnetic ethic for perpetual peace on earth. This is mirrored in contemporary working day quantum biology, in which it is deemed that when the sperm enters the ovum the female electromagnetic discipline transforms the electromagnetic motor driving the sperm’s tai,l into the cellular centriole. This energises the initially bone shaped in the embryo, the sphenoid bone, which in ancient alchemy was known as the Golden Indicate.

Possessing had its New music of the Sphere’s existence-electricity mathematical discoveries for seashell creatures released by IEEE in 1990, the Science-Artwork Centre of Australia built one more essential breakthrough in Resourceful Physics. This breakthrough happened in 1995, when the Institute for Basic Study was internationally acclaimed for advancing the mathematics into new physics guidelines governing optimum organic progress and progress through space-time. Later, the Centre also realised that the exact physics rules had been used in the electromagnetic energising of the human sphenoid bone.

Intricate detailed operating of this electromagnetic Greek Songs of the Spheres inside of the human cerebral mechanism has been identified as the ‘Grand Scientific Musical Theory’ in the e book INTERFERENCE,written by Texas University’s Dr Richard Merrick. The essential social implications for the planet in typical, of the ancient Songs of the Spheres, has also been explained in the ebook HARMONY, written by HRH Prince Charles.

The current erroneous academic dictatorship can be deemed to be operating for the benefit of all those searching for continual income from accelerating chaos on earth, via the improvement of entropic fossil fuel technological innovation. Under these situation, Western leaders have no selection but to argue that they need to speed up this obsession with chaos technological know-how. The nightmare of this problem can be clearly observed in Plato’s warning that this sort of an unethical obsession would bring about the destructive evil of unformed matter to emerge from the atom to demolish civilisation.

The a few 1996 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry founded a healthcare science primarily based upon what they termed Fullerene Chemistry. The Science-Artwork Exploration Centre, realised that Fuller experienced derived his universal product of two entangling energy units from Plato’s arithmetic. From this it turned clear that the term Platonic Fullerene Chemistry explained Aristotle’s health-related science to guidebook ennobling federal government. The negentropic properties of carbon discoveries, dependent on Fuller’s geometries, had been observed as the usually means to prevent society from slipping victim to the world wide chaos related with its present materialistic planet-watch. The new professional medical science, primarily based upon a Platonic oath, upgrading the Hypocratic Oath, would be utilised for the overall health and betterment of the global human ailment.

After the Institute for Standard Analysis advanced the Centre’s lifetime-power mathematics in get to expose new physics laws governing optimum organic progress and improvement by way of house-time, a very serious dilemma arose. The Centre’s Royal Fellow of Medication (London) Dr George Cockburn, agreed that the Einsteinian globe-see mathematics could only make distorted laptop or computer simulations of bio-varieties however huge durations of evolutionary house-time. From the point of view of Platonic Fullerene quantum biology, this labeled mainstream science as getting innately cancerous.

The Centre’s medical practitioner, Dr Peter Yaxley, in liaison with Michael Byrne, a Doctor of Intercontinental Law, reviewed Immanuel Kant’s electromagnetic ethic for perpetual peace on earth, that had been later examined by the League of Nations. As a end result of this study it was discovered that Friedrich Schelling had modified Kant’s essential premise by linking it directly to the physics guidelines governing the Platonic science for ethical finishes. The upgraded concept for environment peace operate is about to be introduced to relevant sections of UNESCO and the United Nations, as has been released in the ebook entitled ‘The 21st Century Renaissance’.

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