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Why precision agriculture is important — Retail Technology Innovation Hub

Precision agriculture uses advanced technologies to improve crop quality. Satellite imagery and field mapping are basic technologies that are being used in precision farming. It also enhances the use of traditional resources and modifies them in profitable ways.

Precision agriculture is playing a positive role in the economic development of countries. With the use of technologies in farming, farmers can get accurate forecasts about environmental changes and crop status.

In the following article, we will tell the importance of using technology in agriculture.

Technologies used in precision agriculture

There are multiple useful technologies which are being used in agriculture to get more profit and precise crops.

Use of global positioning system

A global positioning system is widely used across the globe. With the help of GPS technology, farmers gather data from a different location with accuracy. Now precision agriculture software is available and can help you in farming.

You can detect the problem area of the land. For example, if you have a huge amount land, it is not possible for you to examine all of it, meaning you can’t find the problem area of plants. You use GPS to know about the location of a particular area of land.

You can map the irrigation system with the help of GPS. You need water for your fields but sometimes you can not judge the position of the water so with this system you can map out the irrigation system and use it according to your plans. You can use it for soil testing.

Use of geographic information system

You can divide the agricultural land into zones. A GIS system keeps records of all zones. Zones are divided according to soil type, nutrient availability, and pest infestation.

GIS helps the farmers to view the record of soil survey maps. It also keeps a record of the plants grown in a particular area. It can properly manage your farmers with the help of satellite images. You get proper and timely information about every zone.

Use of ariel technologies

Aerial technology is extensively used all over the world. This mostly includes unmanned aerial vehicles such as drones. It is very difficult to visit the whole of your land but with the help of drones, you can examine your land on a daily basis.

The use of drones in agriculture has become a trend and it is very beneficial. It is a progressive solution to the problems of farmers.

Drones contain cameras. You can take close images of plants if you need to and you can check the status of crops with little effort. If you use drones, you can save in fuel costs and time.

Benefits of precision agriculture

Precision agriculture is beneficial for both farmers and the environment.

As you already know, the environment is changing and it is not under our control but we can do something different to cope with such changes. Precision agriculture is one such strategy to meet these demands.

With the help of precision agriculture technology, you can maintain the health of the soil.

You can reduce the number of pesticides.

You can minimise material costs. For example, less seeding, fuel expenses etc.

It enhances the status of the crop.