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Boulder Creek Technologies Boosts Hemp Extraction Capabilities for Red Mesa Science & Refining | National Business

ARVADA, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 3, 2022–

Cannabis and hemp extraction technology company Boulder Creek Technologies and hemp-derived cannabinoid producer Red Mesa Science & Refining are partnering to utilize Vapor-Static™ Extraction Technology to produce CBD and other minor cannabinoid raw materials for B2B distribution to contract manufacturers, co-packers and white-labelers.

Red Mesa Science & Refining is the first industrial-scale hemp producer to implement Boulder Creek Technologies Vapor-Static™ 5000 system, creating a profound improvement in process optimization and workplace safety, while significantly reducing costs and environmental impact.

“Having this partnership with Utah-based Red Mesa is exciting because of what a strong and dynamic company they are,” said Rick Bonde, CEO and Founder of Boulder Creek Technologies. “We’re really thrilled that they’ve given Boulder Creek Technologies the opportunity to provide extraction equipment. Red Mesa is science-based, technology-driven and innovation-focused with rich engineering resources to really optimize our technology at a commercial scale. We think this partnership showcases the strength and viability of Vapor-Static Extraction.”

Capable of processing 5,000 pounds of hemp biomass each day in a self-contained, continuous, fully automated system, the equipment will produce a highly refined, concentrated form of oil ready for distillation, as opposed to the traditional crude oil produced from cold ethanol technology.

“The Vapor-Static 5000 system is an important addition to our multi-stage processing conversion of hemp biomass into CBD, CBG and other minor cannabinoids,” said Jeff Applegate, President of Red Mesa Science & Refining. “The equipment vetting was arduous and thorough enough to be confident overall efficiency improvements would not sacrifice the high-quality output of raw materials Red Mesa is known for, but rather enhance it.”

The adoption of Vapor-Static Extraction technology means greater overall output for Red Mesa Science & Refining as well as the opportunity to eliminate expensive and hazardous solvents from the extraction process to reduce operating costs and significantly contribute to sustainability.

“The decision to move forward with the Vapor-Static technology was in recognition of the innovation Vapor-Static Technology brings to extraction within the hemp industry overall,” said Applegate. “The fact that we can extract solventlessly is not only a more cost-effective approach, but it also allows for a continuous manufacturing operation in lieu of the batch process that we’ve used up to this point. We can achieve greater total manufacturing output while reducing extraction-based labor costs because the system is so simple to operate.”

Boulder Creek Technologies’ commitment to sustainability was also a key reason Red Mesa Science & Refining decided to choose Vapor-Static Extraction. Whereas traditional methods of extraction result in biomass waste, Vapor-Static Extraction allows biomass to become a valuable resource.

“With Vapor-Static Extraction, our spent biomass becomes a recycled valuable resource as it morphs into clean, solventless raw material for future input,” said Applegate. “The environmentally conscious aspect of this technology aligns with Red Mesa’s plan to fully utilize the hemp plant to create something of value and to help mitigate the thousands of tons of waste we see each year within the industry.

The connection between Boulder Creek Technologies and Red Mesa Science & Refining was facilitated by top cannabis industry manufacturing company Maratek. Boulder Creek Technologies is currently working on a strategic partnership with Maratek to be announced in the future.

About Boulder Creek Technologies

Boulder Creek Technologies propels innovation in the cannabis and hemp industries with advanced Vapor-Static Extraction equipment that is safe, sustainable and engineered for scaling. The result of decades of research, as well as the founders’ passion for the environment, BCT’s patented Vapor-Static system represents a sea change in solventless cannabinoid and terpenoid extraction, and facilitates R&D for all product categories, from concentrates and vapes to edibles and topicals. In marrying proven extraction technology with a turnkey installation model, processors and manufacturers of all sizes achieve high-efficiency production of exceptionally pure, full-spectrum extracts while reducing operating expenditures by up to 80%. For more information, visit bouldercreektechnologies.com.

About Red Mesa Science & Refining

ISO 9001:2015 certified and cGMP adherent, Red Mesa is a B2B industrial-scale processor of hemp-derived CBD and other minor cannabinoid raw materials. As an organization, Red Mesa prioritizes the reliability and consistent production of cannabinoid raw ingredients to ensure the highest quality and conformance with current federal and state regulations. Red Mesa endeavors to continually innovate and optimize for efficiencies, performance and scalability for mutually rewarding long-term partnerships with OEMs, suppliers, customers and the like. Through meticulous management and its world-class manufacturing capabilities, Red Mesa intends to advance the CBD industry forward professionally and responsibly with the efficient production and commercialization of CBD raw materials to ensure access to its benefits for all of humanity. Learn more at redmesascience.com.

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